More Waldos?

I have had two people emaling today saying they and their friends want to create their own versions of rooftop Waldos! One in Phoenix AZ, and one in New Orleans! This is great, and I hope they begin popping up in many cities! My intention is to create a PDF of instructions and provide the grid, so Waldo making will become open source. It will be fun to track their progress on here as well. 

So much media today, and my most hits ever, over 13,000! Thanks! Here is me on CTV.


PS: Would any of you be willing to mail me a copy of the newspaper articles about my Waldo in your city? I think it will impress my teachers if at my graduation review I show newspaper articles from around the world!



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Waldo Hits the Dailies!

 Waldo and I were on the cover of two daily newspapers here in Vancouver, The Vancouver Sun and 24 Hours. On my way home from class I saw three people in a row reading newspapers with my Waldo on the cover! The story was also mentioned on Jack FM, News 1130, The Beat 94.5, Global TV and Breakfast Television today! And a feature aired on CTV at 6:45. Did anyone see that? I missed it! Is it up online anywhere? I want to see the footage of Chopper 9 finding Waldo! That would be the ultimate Waldo hunt, up in a helicopter flying around the city looking for Waldo below!

Highlights from the blog world today are articles on Waldo from The Telegraph (UK), Clicked-MSNBC (US),Pop TherapyGoogle DiscoveryADN.ES Technologia (Spain?), Ecran (France) there it is called ‘Ou est Charlie?’  If you saw my story anywhere else I would love to know!

Many of you have been finding Waldo! Congratulations! I have not been posting the comments with the answer, as to not spoil it for the others.  Now its time for other people to hide Waldos in their cities!

Someone here in Vancouver has requested a Woof on their roof. I have plenty of left over vinyl so if anybody wants to paint a giant roof Woof, email me and I will donate my vinyl to you and your roof Woof.


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Digg It!

Yo Baron, can you digg it? (Photo by Nancy Strider)


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Waldo Jumps Back onto the Page!

One intention of my project was to re-contextualise Waldo from a paper medium to the web, but it seems like he’s going to be back in print! The Vancouver Sun did a photo shoot and interview with me this morning. There will be a feature on my Waldo in tommorows issue! There will also be a feature in tommorows 24 hours Vancouver. A newspaper in Spain called 20 Minutos has also writtten about Waldo and an online version can be seen at ¿Dónde está Wally en Google Earth?

CTV sent their Chopper 9 helicopter around Vancouver today looking for my Waldo and they found him! They also did a shoot with me today and that will air on CTV tommorow at 6:45pm! Also I will be doing an interview with NPR in New York tommorow, and I am really excited to be going in to the CBC studios on Monday to be on Q, a national radio show about arts and culture.

Waldo also continues to be showing up on the blogs! About 45 of them are in languages other than English so I dont know what they are saying! Here are a few of the English posts: Geek Sugar, Bag of Nothing, Nate is Smart, It is Green Man, Trendbird and Mindzai . Because of all the blog posts I received over 10,000 hits yesterday! That is more people than live in my hometown!

I didn’t expect so much media attention to happen but it is so fun! The best part was getting picked up from school in the CBC News van! And finding out I’m famous in Brazil! Though I’ll admit it is an easy distraction from my homework. It was fun to leave class early today saying “I have to leave early today, I have a photoshoot at 3:00”.


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Waldo is famous in Brazil too!?

Apparently the biggest news station in Brazil is covering my Waldo! That is so funny and great! It seems most cultures know Waldo and some call him Wally! I had hoped this project would become viral and apparently it has! According to Andre, Rede Globo is the third biggest news station in the world!

Here is my segment from CBC TV that aired yesterday and today. I was interviewed by Bob Nixon and he did a great job of the segment. Running time is 1:51 and you will need Windows Media Player to view it.

Today Waldo has also been featured on Neatorama, (Brazil), Gridskipper, and even a Real Estate Blog! In addition, My classmate Nancy has been documenting the project from start to finish and has just created a you tube slide show of the process.

I am finding this all rather hilarious and exciting! I even did a radio interview for BCIT’s radio station before class this morning.

Fico feliz que o Waldo tenha muitos fãs no Brasil.


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Waldo gets famous!

Wow, today has been an exciting day for my Waldo project! I was just on the rooftop doing a shoot for CBC TV. The segment will be on air tonight at 6, and possibly tommorow at noon! I will also post a digital verison here  if it becomes available.

Also lots of blogs have written about him today! Now PublicVancouver Met BlogsGus, Beyond Robson and my sister Carolyn Coles have all posted blog articles about Waldo today. I am glad that people seem to be excited about it!


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An Article About My Waldo

Nancy Strider who has been working closely with me on this project has written an article about the project on her blog Came of Age Before Computers. Its a great article and post links to simular projects and earth works. She posted a image of a giant homer simpson earth work!nancyad.jpg


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