New Documentary On My Project

Filmmaker Kristin MacCary has made a great documentary clip about my project which can be seen on VancouverIAM. She shot it on the morning after an April snowfall so there are some shots of Waldo in the snow!

I have been receiving lots of hits from street art blogs Wooster Collective and Bombing Science. It is interesting to see all the comparisons people are making between my work and street art. A few people have commented that apparently I was on French TV too! Thank you for all your comments as so much of this press I wouldn’t even know about if it weren’t for your comments.

I did an interview for the next issue of Montreals Naked Eye Magazine about emerging art mediums, specifically Google Earth. Speaking of emerging art mediums, I somehow got mentioned on D-Listed?

In response to my last post, the official Where’s Waldo company emailed me to tell me they were excited about the projects success! I was thrilled and flattered that they had even heard about it! Maybe they had heard about it as Gizmodo’s post about my project is now showing up on the first page of Google when you search “Where’s Waldo”. Thanks Gizmodo!

PS: Somebody should add this project to Waldo’s Wikipedia entry!

PPS: I am now graduated from Emily Carr University!



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6 responses to “New Documentary On My Project

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  2. So good Mel! 🙂 I loved the documentary! Was that Melissa’s class you were talking about? What a neat project it could be for teachers!

  3. Yes, Melissa’s class! Thanks for letting us use your place to shoot!

  4. Kristen Planidin

    WOW Melanie. Congratulations on all the success of your project. It is a very interesting concept I must say. Very awsome. Congrats on graduating university as well. Good for you lady.

  5. great work melanie! your work was definitely the most inspiring of the entire grad show – i run a vancouver-based blog called and we host fun art projects open to anyone.

    would love to feature your work on the site and collaborate with you. keep me updated about future projects!

    i graduated from emily a couple years ago and i’ve been keeping tabs on your project

    take care


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