I got an A!

I just found out I got an A on my Waldo Project! I am glad I took a chance and did a left field project like this.

I have been busy preparing for my exhibition of this project for my Graduation Exhibit opening on May 3rd.

I just found out I was in the LA times! I am going to be on Japanese TV too! I cant wait to post that clip!




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12 responses to “I got an A!

  1. congratulations!!

    you totally deserved it!


  2. Hello!

    Just wondering if there is any chance you would speak to us on our radio show, about your waldo project? It wodul be for about 5minutes at 2.30pm GMT.

    We’re in Dublin, Ireland and you can read about our show at http://www.spin1038.com/thespin

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Many thanks


  3. vinik

    So… You wanted to do a good job for your Graduation Exhibit, and then it became a world wide knowing thing…


    ( Don’t mind if something is wrong, i’m a brazilian 🙂 )

  4. DeeDee

    Marvelous! Great Project!
    U go girl!

    regards from brazil

  5. Congrats Mel! Cant wait to see the undergrad show.

  6. LIZ

    Congratulations , i hope your proyect will be seen around the world, i start the search ¡¡¡

    A hello from Mexico : )

  7. carlsbadcrawl

    Great idea! Way to get people involved! I grew up searching for Waldo as well as drawing the many characters of the cluttered pages. Congratulations on the A.

    We do similar projects where we put stuff in the streets to provoke public participation. Take a look:


  8. Shawny boy

    I wonder your project this morning on french TV( I live in Marseille in the south ). You had a great idea. I will start the research tomorrow and I will find Charlie (Waldo’s name in France).

  9. Great idea!
    In Québec he gets called “Charlie”!

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