Fun Stuff!

My classmate Nancy Strider has made a you tube video based off the footage she collected while volunteering in pretty much every step of my project. She has shown some video clips documenting Waldo’s construction and success. Thank you Nancy for this video and all your help!

Ian Chillag of NPR’s The Bryant Park Project constucted an audio slideshow based off an interview I did with him last week.

I also thought you might be interested in Aram Bartholl‘s project Map



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7 responses to “Fun Stuff!

  1. I love the ‘find Waldo’ idea! Brilliant.

  2. Omar

    Hey! That’s A Really Good Idea! I’m Writing you From Venezuela!!!! And I Have Found The Site Where Waldo Will Appear :D!!!!! y spend about 1 hour Searching The site….. and I Will Connect Every day to Google Earth… to see when is he going to apper!!! Well, See Ya!!! Bye bye! Take Care!!

    (Sorry For My Bad English)
    (I’m trying to improve it every day!)

    From Venezuela
    Omar V

  3. Where one art this waldo.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. Well done.

  5. Adrián

    by the way, just found the building! No Waldo yet, though 😦

  6. great work!
    i though it amazing! but it’s on google earth yet?

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