The World Joins in the Game!

The blog posts about Waldo keep flooding in! There is far more than I can list here but highlights from the past few days include Wired (US), GQ, Google Earth Blog, The Mail on Sunday (UK), IOL Diaro (Portugal), Gizmodo, Mineki (Japan/Canada) and even my school, Emily Carr Institute has blogged about it.

I went into the studio today to talk about Waldo on Q, which is a national radio program on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It was fun! You can listen to me via podcast here.

Also, Javier from Chile heard about my project and changed the perspective of my aerial image to fit with Google Earth’s imagery and created a KML patch to overlay it on Google Earth! Thank you so much Javier!

Also, my sister created a Flickr set about Waldo with some images that I haven’t posted here yet.



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19 responses to “The World Joins in the Game!

  1. Karyn416

    Cool! We read about this in the Toronto Star today… Despite the fact that I’ve only been to Vancouver twice in my life, the picture reminded me of the neighborhood where my friend lives. On that hunch, I found the building within 5 minutes in Google Earth. (No Waldo appears there yet though.)

  2. KevinW

    I loved this idea when I read about it.

    The concept is so simple and yet so f**king brilliant at the same time.

    It looks like executing the concept was no small chore.

    Kudos to you and best of luck in the future!!

  3. Oh my it is still good to see Waldo going strong.
    How cool! Thanks for providing this. I will be watching.

  4. Chacha

    Hi, this is Chacha from Hong Kong. I read about this in the newspapers (at least 4) of Hong Kong (Here is the one of them:

    This is an interesting and funny project. It reminds the good old days with Waldo. I love your project much.

  5. Rebecca Lee

    Banksy is one of the raddest graffiti artists of all time! !! hip hip!

  6. vitorfreitas

    Absolutely brilliant! I’ve heard about this on IOL Diário and i’m lovin it much. Congrats, Melanie.

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  8. OM




    not the old ready-mades….



  9. I found Waldo– He just isn’t there yet. But don’t worry, I will not breathe a word! I promise!


  10. Dcv

    Can find the place withWaldo, Vancouver … but no current picture yet available … hope it will be updated before I die


  11. Hello,I am from Taiwan.

    I used Google Earth and found the location.

    Now I’m waiting for the uploading. It will be cool to see Waldo in Google Earth!

  12. This is an awesome idea.

  13. Hi Melanie,

    I´m from Brazil and here we talk every day: Where´s Waldo (in portuguese: Onde está Wally?)
    Good ideia!

  14. Lookup locations with nearby wiki’s worldwide on satellitepictures easy by address?
    A combination of Googlemaps mashup, Wikipedia information and thirdparty addressdata with address suggestion.

  15. JON


    I know exactly where this is!

    Its right near my apartment!

    Great job!

  16. Gonzalo

    Hi Melanie, I´m Gonzalo from Cordoba Argentina… Here Waldo is called Wally… ¿Donde esta Wally?…

    And I´m also a Journalist I work in a Radio station and I want to know if I can send you some questions to a mail… so I can publish the interview in my blog and also comment it in my program…

    sorry for my poor English…
    Congratulations for the Wally proyect… see ya`

  17. well here here in méxico your project is news too!
    yesterday at morning news on tv i watched it!

  18. Adrián

    Hey Melanie, I’m from México, I just saw the news yesterday in a morning show. Wow. I lived in Vancouver for a while and I’m planning to live there permanently in a near future. Congratulations on your idea, it’s awesome, Waldo viewed from space!!! Yeah! (Although in here he’s called Wally, I don´t know why) My GF and I want to build one down here, but not in the city, there’s no much space, at least not on our rooftops, but my family has this ranch about 130 km northeast from México City, we’d be glad to do it there, but I guess the imagery would take longer to update, but still, it would be nice to do it.

    Congartulations, great way to combine art/web.

    By the way I’ve been looking for it but without succes, not even the building, I’ve looked over W. Broadway and W 4th Avenue butnothing yet, hope to find it soon.

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