Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

The World Joins in the Game!

The blog posts about Waldo keep flooding in! There is far more than I can list here but highlights from the past few days include Wired (US), GQ, Google Earth Blog, The Mail on Sunday (UK), IOL Diaro (Portugal), Gizmodo, Mineki (Japan/Canada) and even my school, Emily Carr Institute has blogged about it.

I went into the studio today to talk about Waldo on Q, which is a national radio program on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It was fun! You can listen to me via podcast here. Jian Ghomeshi called me the Canadian Banksy, what a compliment!

Also, Javier from Chile heard about my project and changed the perspective of my aerial image to fit with Google Earth’s imagery and created a KML patch to overlay it on Google Earth! Thank you so much Javier!


Also, my sister created a Flickr set about Waldo with some images that I haven’t posted here yet. 



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