More Waldos?

I have had two people emaling today saying they and their friends want to create their own versions of rooftop Waldos! One in Phoenix AZ, and one in New Orleans! This is great, and I hope they begin popping up in many cities! My intention is to create a PDF of instructions and provide the grid, so Waldo making will become open source. It will be fun to track their progress on here as well. 

So much media today, and my most hits ever, over 13,000! Thanks! Here is me on CTV.


PS: Would any of you be willing to mail me a copy of the newspaper articles about my Waldo in your city? I think it will impress my teachers if at my graduation review I show newspaper articles from around the world!



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29 responses to “More Waldos?

  1. CYL


    I come from Taiwan, a high school student, I am Catherine.
    This morning when saw (4/12)Newspaper. Find this news feels very cool. Then connect in the on-line net at once to come to this blog after leaving school.
    See the article, I think I permitted of Taiwan these newspaper (China Times) Send to you.Hope this is helpful to you, can let me have a feeling participated in too.
    Contact with E-mail if it is permitted.

  2. Hi Catherine, I tried emailing you but it got sent back. I would really love a copy of those newspapers! That would be so great! Is their any other way I can contact you to give you my address?

  3. Roberta

    Hi Melanie!
    How can I email you the article I read on your work? It was on a Brazilian website called Geek – the link is here:, but it´s written in Portuguese.
    All best,

  4. In Portugal your ideia become famous too! Very cool indeed….

  5. Tsu

    Awesome Idea!

    congratulations from Brasil!

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  8. Congrats on your project and the media attention!

    Finding the location of your Waldo was actually super easy… it doesn’t help that there’s a certain identifiable ___________ in your current aerial shot that dramatically narrows down the search, though.

  9. Fantastic idea!
    I saw your Waldo …or Wally(lol) at Globo International TV.
    Hugs from Japan!

  10. Julio

    I found the damn roof but there is no waldo on it.

  11. Hi there! Just read an article in Época magazine, from Brazil (the title: “Personagem da Semana – Onde está Wally? no google earth”) . Such a cool idea. I’ll simply have to blog about it 🙂

  12. Matthew Roberts

    My name is Matthew and I am from Sydney, Australia. There is a free paper distributed in the CBD and your Wally featured in it. This is how I found your website!

  13. Hi Matthew that is really cool! You are the first I have heard from Australia!

  14. Matt

    Another Australian here! Article was published in free CBD newspaper in Brisbane called mX. Can scan the article and email if you have a contact address?

  15. Hi Matt, I would love to see it! My email is

  16. Sanzio

    i saw your idea on a web site and it was amazing. How is that doc going? i want to do it in Brasil too… Let’s spread Waldos!

  17. Hi Melanie,

    I just picked up your idea in the local newspaper here in belgium. You can see it at{8045C973-F602-4D38-8155-7294DF92B083}
    Attention, the news is written in Dutch (language for Belgium.)

    Hope you will impress the jury !


  18. Johan VH

    your website and GREAT idea was mentioned in an online version of the ‘gazet van antwerpen’ in Belgium.{8045C973-F602-4D38-8155-7294DF92B083}
    I’ll check in the store tonight if it’s in the paper version too, and if so, mail it to you!

  19. Hi !

    I read about your Wally in De Morgen, a Belgian newspaper, but I can’t find a link to the online version.

    On the website of De Standaard, another Belgian newspaper, they also mention your idea :

    Good luck !

  20. Michele

    And this one in another Belgian newspaper (at least in the online version 🙂 ) :

  21. Dries Aerts

    In the Belgium paper De Standaard, an article was put online about your Waldo. Great initiative! Hope you gather up articles from all around the globe =)

    For those of you who know Dutch, and for the rest too 😉 , here’s the link:

  22. /

    Waldo in Belgium..

  23. Cécilia

    Funny thing : in French, Waldo is called .. Charlie ! Here is another article about your Waldo/Charlie in a Belgian radio website! This one is written in French 😉

  24. Josva

    Here’s a link from Norway:)

    Cool project!

  25. LingPling

    Here you are mentioned in Norway

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