Waldo Hits the Dailies!

 Waldo and I were on the cover of two daily newspapers here in Vancouver, The Vancouver Sun and 24 Hours. On my way home from class I saw three people in a row reading newspapers with my Waldo on the cover! The story was also mentioned on Jack FM, News 1130, The Beat 94.5, Global TV and Breakfast Television today! And a feature aired on CTV at 6:45. Did anyone see that? I missed it! Is it up online anywhere? I want to see the footage of Chopper 9 finding Waldo! That would be the ultimate Waldo hunt, up in a helicopter flying around the city looking for Waldo below!

Highlights from the blog world today are articles on Waldo from The Telegraph (UK), Clicked-MSNBC (US),Pop TherapyGoogle DiscoveryADN.ES Technologia (Spain?), Ecran (France) there it is called ‘Ou est Charlie?’  If you saw my story anywhere else I would love to know!

Many of you have been finding Waldo! Congratulations! I have not been posting the comments with the answer, as to not spoil it for the others.  Now its time for other people to hide Waldos in their cities!

Someone here in Vancouver has requested a Woof on their roof. I have plenty of left over vinyl so if anybody wants to paint a giant roof Woof, email me mcoles@eciad.ca and I will donate my vinyl to you and your roof Woof.



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22 responses to “Waldo Hits the Dailies!

  1. Bedd Gelert

    Who the f**k is ‘Waldo’ ?? Surely ‘Where’s Wally?’ !

  2. Where are you from Bedd?

  3. Bedd Gelert

    Youkay !

  4. Karen

    This is Karen from Brazil o/
    Waldo is famous here too, you wouldn’t even think about it! But actually, down here in this lands, he’s known as Wally. Is new to me and my friends that his name is Waldo.
    I’m sorry my poor english. I hope you understand 😉
    Kisses and good luck to you and your funny project!

  5. Hi. I´m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I love this ideia !! Congratulations !!! 🙂

  6. Wil

    I found the buildings on google maps, but the images haven’t been updated yet and Waldo isn’t there. Still, thanks for the 5 minutes of fun 😀

  7. I live in Vancouver, but I dont get the newspaper, am at work during Breakfast Television, and missed all mention of this on any other media outlet. I actually found out about this from a radio DJ in Dublin! Rick O’Shea blogged about it today in his blog. (link: http://rickoshea.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/where-on-earth-is-waldo/ ) Funny how people half a world away know more of whats happening under my nose than i do! (funny in a sad pathetic sort of way lol)

  8. Oh yeah babe! now you are so famous in Brazil too! hehehe You have a great idea! Congratolations! I´m from Rio de Janeiro and now we finding for Waldo in your land too. Kisses.

  9. Angela

    I found him… well where he will be! Can’t wait till Google updates the images so I can see if I am right! Great idea, what a fun thing to think of!!

  10. Steven

    Google Earth should upload new images of Vancouver. I was able to find where waldo is but it was an old image of that area. Hint, use the arial image of waldo to give you clues. It also helps to know the layout of Vancouver

  11. Bedd Gelert

    Please please please can we stop referring to him as ‘Waldo’ !

    This is as annoying as…

    Referring to ‘Marathons’ as ‘Snickers’..

    ‘Films’ as ‘Movies’.. [yeeeuuccchhh!]

    Biscuits as ‘cookies’..

    Spelling ‘kerb’ as ‘curb’..

    Calling a pavement a ‘sidewalk’..

    Using the word ‘so’ as an adjective..

    Using the words ‘totally’ and ‘awesome’ in a way alien to any dictionary I’ve ever read.

    Saying ‘Whatever!”

    I mean, how would you react if you had to start calling ‘Apple’ iPods ‘Kumquat vPacks’ ??

  12. Wilson

    Heh, not up on Google Maps… yet as of 6:30 PM April 11, 2008.

    Your pictures do give *a lot* of hints as to where Waldo is. Orientation of the building is a nobrainer and the approximate neighbourhood can be guessed by looking at the surrounding buildings by anybody familiar with Vancouver. Good job.

  13. Hi Bedd, I just saw a post from some language I don’t know and it is calling him Willy!

  14. Bruna

    Hey^^ I´m from Brasil too, and I just read an article abt your project here http://tecnologia.terra.com.br/interna/0,,OI2739440-EI4802,00.html
    and loved the idea^^
    By the way how DO I search for Wally- I mean Waldo?

  15. D Little

    From your hometown…Just to let you know how much everyone is enjoying all of the positive attention you are receiving for your project. Unique, creative, and fun. What’s not to love?!

  16. carol

    You were featured on the canada.com/vancouver website Apr.13/08

  17. hello~~I come from Taiwan. I see the news and come here right away.


    Waldo is famous in Taiwan, too! When I was an elementary school student, friends brought the book “Where’s Waldo” and everyone paid attention to find him together~haha~it’s a nice memory.

    oh…in Taiwan, Waldo is called “Wally”(威利)

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