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Waldo Hits the Dailies!

 Waldo and I were on the cover of two daily newspapers here in Vancouver, The Vancouver Sun and 24 Hours. On my way home from class I saw three people in a row reading newspapers with my Waldo on the cover! The story was also mentioned on Jack FM, News 1130, The Beat 94.5, Global TV and Breakfast Television today! And a feature aired on CTV at 6:45. Did anyone see that? I missed it! Is it up online anywhere? I want to see the footage of Chopper 9 finding Waldo! That would be the ultimate Waldo hunt, up in a helicopter flying around the city looking for Waldo below!

Highlights from the blog world today are articles on Waldo from The Telegraph (UK), Clicked-MSNBC (US),Pop TherapyGoogle DiscoveryADN.ES Technologia (Spain?), Ecran (France) there it is called ‘Ou est Charlie?’  If you saw my story anywhere else I would love to know!

Many of you have been finding Waldo! Congratulations! I have not been posting the comments with the answer, as to not spoil it for the others.  Now its time for other people to hide Waldos in their cities!

Someone here in Vancouver has requested a Woof on their roof. I have plenty of left over vinyl so if anybody wants to paint a giant roof Woof, email me mcoles@eciad.ca and I will donate my vinyl to you and your roof Woof.



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