Waldo Jumps Back onto the Page!

One intention of my project was to re-contextualise Waldo from a paper medium to the web, but it seems like he’s going to be back in print! The Vancouver Sun did a photo shoot and interview with me this morning. There will be a feature on my Waldo in tommorows issue! There will also be a feature in tommorows 24 hours Vancouver. A newspaper in Spain called 20 Minutos has also writtten about Waldo and an online version can be seen at ¿Dónde está Wally en Google Earth?

CTV sent their Chopper 9 helicopter around Vancouver today looking for my Waldo and they found him! They also did a shoot with me today and that will air on CTV tommorow at 6:45pm! Also I will be doing an interview with NPR in New York tommorow, and I am really excited to be going in to the CBC studios on Monday to be on Q, a national radio show about arts and culture.

Waldo also continues to be showing up on the blogs! About 45 of them are in languages other than English so I dont know what they are saying! Here are a few of the English posts: Geek Sugar, Bag of Nothing, Nate is Smart, It is Green Man, Trendbird and Mindzai . Because of all the blog posts I received over 10,000 hits yesterday! That is more people than live in my hometown!

I didn’t expect so much media attention to happen but it is so fun! The best part was getting picked up from school in the CBC News van! And finding out I’m famous in Brazil! Though I’ll admit it is an easy distraction from my homework. It was fun to leave class early today saying “I have to leave early today, I have a photoshoot at 3:00”.



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18 responses to “Waldo Jumps Back onto the Page!

  1. master

    y para que mie… sirve eso?

  2. I think you should crop the aerial photo some more. The building type and terrain are quite unique to the area and took me about 2 minutes to find it.

    It was still quite fun nonetheless 🙂 But it would’ve been much harder if the aerial photos were smaller.

    But even from the photo in this post you can narrow it down to a certain part of the city 😉

  3. Hi Scott thank you for your comment! You are right that there are clues within the photos on my blog but I kind of like that! Esecially for people less familiar with Vancouver. But your right that maybe I should crop my aerial shot, maybe I will do that now. Thanks!

  4. This is freakin cool. I love this project. Keep up the great work. We should keep in touch for projects in the future.

  5. Hi Chris , I agree! Thanks for the article, I just linked to it!

  6. Congrats on all the press! That’s amazing. It was exciting for me watching you on TV and it sounds like I’ll have another opportunity. Famous before graduation… how many can attest to that? Nicely done! Good luck!

  7. so impressed ! good luck ! from Seoul.

  8. So impressed. Good luck ! from seoul

  9. Camila Vilemberg

    I find the building!

    after 19 minutes looking on the google earth! I dont know Vancouver, but the building to the side waldo (for me is wally) is very characteristic.
    i think you could make this project in another countrys. If you want i can help you here, in brazil.
    i live in Belém, amazônia. it would be amused and unusual to look wally here. hehe

    you said that “Eu sou feliz que Waldo tem assim muitos ventiladores em Brasil!” I think that you wanted to say “Waldo tem assim muitos fãns em Brasil”.
    Ventiladores means eletric fan in english. =)

  10. Melissa

    Amazing Mel – just AMAZING. My Grade 2’s are totally Waldo-Crazed at the thought of a giant version of him being on some roof in their city. Just awesome.

  11. Nice job.
    Here (in Brazil) Waldo (or Wally, how we name him here) was more expressive on the 90’s, but still getting success with books and also virtual games.

    This project with Waldo is a wonderfull and exciting initiative… nice job! And we all have fun about that =]

    PS: Sorry my badddd bad english =]


  12. Podes atopar a Wally en atopar.es en galego!!

  13. Way to go!!

    Look what a little link love can do.

    You better get an A+ 🙂

  14. Aluisio

    Look ate the brazilian version of the newspaperpaper Metro Point, your Waldo is there!

  15. Ashley Zarbatany

    I know the crossroads, but Waldo isn’t showing up on either the google earth or maps. I found the roof though.

  16. Hi
    I am a Google Earth Forums (Community) moderator, just wanted to let you know that your cool Waldo art has been posted in the official Google Earth forums. Just search “Waldo Vancouver” to find it.
    Cheers from
    Jeff in Vancouver

  17. So I’m on my way home from UBC today and I pick up one of those papers they have on the bus, and you’re on the front. Very weird. Hurrah for Oliver and hurrah for Waldo!

  18. Hey thanks for linking me. Colbert/Waldo ’08

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