Waldo is famous in Brazil too!?

Apparently the biggest news station in Brazil is covering my Waldo! That is so funny and great! It seems most cultures know Waldo and some call him Wally! I had hoped this project would become viral and apparently it has! According to Andre, Rede Globo is the third biggest news station in the world!

Here is my segment from CBC TV that aired yesterday and today. I was interviewed by Bob Nixon and he did a great job of the segment. Running time is 1:51 and you will need Windows Media Player to view it.

Today Waldo has also been featured on Neatorama, Globo.com (Brazil), Gridskipper, and even a Real Estate Blog! In addition, My classmate Nancy has been documenting the project from start to finish and has just created a you tube slide show of the process.

I am finding this all rather hilarious and exciting! I even did a radio interview for BCIT’s radio station before class this morning.

Fico feliz que o Waldo tenha muitos fãs no Brasil.



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74 responses to “Waldo is famous in Brazil too!?

  1. Gui Lopes


    Good job!

    In Brazil, we love Waldo (Wally)!


  2. hahaha. Great project!
    I’m from Brazil, and I just saw it on Globo.com @ the main page.

    Can I see “Wally” (yeah, here we call Waldo Wally! don’t ask me why…) on Google Earth already?!


  3. Eduardo Alvarenga

    I’m from Brazil. Waldo (or Wally) was much more famous on the 80’s and 90’s. Now, the old guys are reintroducing Waldo to their child. My boy loves Waldo’s books 🙂

    Great idea and congratulations! I hope more people get interested on you project an start building more Waldos around the globe!

  4. Hey, i’m Brazilian too and i saw the project at globo.com too. lol

    I love looking for Wally!

  5. Thiago Paiva


    Thats really nice idea!!! But the funniest thing its that our Wally is WALDO huahuahhuahuhah LOL that a funny name to Wally…. Where is Wally, i love all books of him….

    Gretings from Brazil!!!

  6. Rafael Lazzarotto

    Adorei a idéia!
    Esta brincadeira fez por muito tempo a diversão das madrugadas de minha infância. Fico feliz em saber que sentirei o gostinho dessa lembrança nesta era digital!

  7. Marcos

    yeah! man, now u are really famous in brazil, front page, on the mosted visited site, wait till tomorow u gana see the acess couter blowing up!!!
    Nice ideia, i’m now thinkin to put on wally in my roof…..

  8. Victor

    Many Brazilians here!
    So do I.
    “Onde está Wally”
    That’s a great idea!
    Sure it’ll spread and many cities are going to win some Waldo in it’s buildings.
    Pretty Fun.


  9. Tharik Ursine

    I saw it on the main page of globo.com and I got surprised and happy when I read it’s in Vancouver. I just LOVE this city!!!

    In wich neighborhood is this roof? Gastown or near Metrotown or Kingsway???… Give us a hint.

    Congratulations for the great job.

    Cheers from Brazil

  10. Allan Alimari

    GREAT IDEA !!!!


    Join “www.orkut.com” it is like google’s myspace, almost everybody here have a profile there !!

    and add me !!



  11. André

    1- Waldo is VERY VERY FAMOUS in Brazil!!!!!

    2- Rede Globo is the biggest news station in Brazil AND THE THIRD BIGGEST NEWS STATION IN THE WORLD (CBS, NBS and Globo)

  12. Rodrigo Las Casas

    Congratulations! Great idea!!
    I just saw it on Globo.com!

    Gretings from Brazil!!!

  13. Arthur

    Hi! I am from Brazil Also and I found your work in site of Globo.com! When was a child i very liked of books of Wally! Please, thinks about making in other cities of the world, as here in Recife, capital of Pernambuco, in Northeast of Brazil also! Excuse my english! Congratulations!

  14. I’m from Brazil and I loved your idea! It’s so cool, and we can actually be part of it. I’m gonna try to find Waldo/Wally!

  15. marcel.br

    i’m brazilian too.
    i saw this project in globo.com and posted in my blog, any problem?
    amazing idea!
    very nice.
    i’ll look for “wally”!

  16. Fernanda Teixeira

    Congratulations for the project. Great idea… Work on it and get a lot of money!!!!! You’ll be famous…
    It would be very interesting if the picture could be in a different place each month, and the people have to find Wally or Waldo according to your tip. ok? Did you undestand? Think about it!!!! 😉

    Good luck!!!

    I saw the interview on globo.com, just like the big part of the people here , heheheheh

    Gretings from brazil

  17. Thank you Brazillians! You are all so nice! Yes Marcel please feel free to blog about Wally all you wish! And to Victor and Marcos, that would be great if there were Waldos popping up on rooftops around the World! Maybe Wenda, Odlaw and Woof too!

  18. I totally took a guess, but I know where Waldo is…

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  20. Mauricio Santoro

    Hello !!!!

    Brazil Likes Waldo ! But in Brazil is Wally!

    Your idea is very cool and original !

    In Brazil Globo is the greatest television!

    Good Job!!!!

  21. jOÃO

    mY FRIEND…

    my in portugal (europe) and i read some news about your waldo (we call Wally) in Portuguese Newspaper and TV.

    You are really crazy man! I love your idea… I will made one too…


  22. bishop

    Hi, from Spain, I just saw your project on a small online paper. But your overseas.
    Here is the link if you want to see it yourself.

    Congratulations for the project!!

  23. Thalita Dol

    Hey! What a wonderfull idea!!

    Another brazillian coming to say “hi” and “congratullations”!

    Keep on going!!

  24. Carlos

    Helooo !!! Congratulations from Brazil Guys !!!

    Nice work !!! Waldo (Wally) is very famous in Brazil too. The ideia is so original. Keep on good ideias ever !!!

  25. Sttenio

    Simple amazing! A great idea!
    And I am brazilian too, i like Wally (Waldo) since I was a kid, realy cool!

  26. Hi!
    Also in Spain (Europe) is famous, you can see one news in one national newspaper following this link:

    Site web is in Spanish language.

  27. Carlos Le-Fort


    Great job!

  28. Vanessa Castilho

    Hello! I’m from Brazil.
    My kids (10 and 7 years old) love Wally!!!
    Where´s Waldo? (english) = Onde está Wally?(portuguese)


  29. Congratulations!!!!

    In Spain also is famous your project.
    For us Waldo also is Wally.

    A hug.


  30. Marcos Bolton

    OMG, brazilian barage! hehe

    I’m also from Brazil, I just read the article about your project, but do you really believe that Google will spend more money on new satellite pictures? As I understand it, they basically update only when a certain place hasn’t been covered yet.

    Luckly, you got yourself an enourmous feedback and this might even make Google update it sooner than expected.

    Great idea and I hope it works.


  31. Rebecca Lee

    Melanie this is all so EXCITING!!!!

  32. rob

    and you Should get coverage; it’s a sweet project 🙂 (found on beyondrobson)

  33. Hello there! Hey, there are more brazilians here than in most sites I visit, hehe. I´m also from Brazil and I loved your idea. So… your Waldo is 16 meters tall? How often are Google images updated? This could he a new form of art, hehe.


  34. in argentina is named wally too, and yes, is very famous (?)

    good luck with your project

  35. Guz

    Yes, it’s PRETTY famous around here! 😀 It was a big part of my childhood!

    But here we know him as “Wally”… Don’t ask me why!

  36. skoot

    “Onde está o Wally?” =)

    Gr8 idea!! I just love it!
    Wally (or Waldo as you know it over there) is famous all over the world.

    Greetings from Portugal!

  37. Melanie it’s worth a beer to know if the real estate office (not my company) that is very close by knows or is even aware of Waldo’s secret home.

    Too funny – well done.

  38. Vinnie

    Hey Melaine

    I’m a designer too and i like it!
    You like to place your Waldo in Brazil too?


  39. LOLLL great idea 😀



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  41. Hey! We are crazy about “Wally” here in Brazil!
    Congratulations!!! Your idea is just amazing!!!!

  42. Juliana Esteves

    Hi…I’m from Brasil too and I really love Wally! Your idea of Google Earth was fantastic. Congrats!!! 🙂
    Keep up the good work, best regards….have a great day:
    Juliana =)

  43. Roberto


    In your last sentence “Eu sou feliz que Waldo tem assim muitos ventiladores em Brasil!” the word “ventiladores” is wrong.

    If you look in ‘Google Translate’ for “ventiladores”, the translation will be “fans”.

    But, the correct translation for “fans” in portuguese is “fãs”.

    “Ventiladores” means “ventilators”.


    Congratulations for this idea!


  44. Thadeu Martinelli


    First of all, congratulations!!!!!
    Here in Brazil we are Waldo’s big fans!!!
    I used to love the cartoon and the books!
    I saw today in a newspaper about your blog and your project (and they said you posted something regarding Brazil yesterday) and it is huge!!!
    Keep it up and don’t give up from your projects 🙂
    Good luck!

  45. Léo

    Well done!!!

  46. Hi, as many here, I´m also from Brazil.

    That´s a great ideia you had. Just brilliant! One thing though, the statement in portuguese doesn´t make a lot of sense. What exactly did you mean?

    I bealive you put “I am happy that Waldo has so many fans in Brazil” on a translation web site, or something like that, and pasted the result. That´s ok! But the right thing would come out: “Eu estou feliz que Waldo tenha muitos fãs no Brasil!”.

    See, in portuguese there isn´t a verb that matches the “to be” exactly. When you want to say something like: ” I am student” you use the verb “ser”. And when you use it to say that you are somewhere, like “I am here”, you use the verb “estar”. The other thing is that the translator assumed that the word “fans” you used was refering to a “device for producing a current of air”, not a “person who admires something or someone”.

    That´s what got things mixed up.

    Once more, congratulations for yout great ideia. And, please, I didn´t mean to offend you or anything correcting the portuguese statement. You are not a native speaker, so as I´m not a native english speaker. We all make our mistakes.

  47. Thadeu Martinelli

    oh, one more thing, google translator did something wrong… 🙂
    he should say “Estou feliz que Waldo tem muitos fans no Brasil!” ventilador is the translation for “FAN” the eletronic device 🙂

  48. Oloco

    “Eu sou feliz que Waldo tem assim muitos ventiladores em Brasil!”

    ventiladores = fans, the machine that creates wind.
    fans in the sense of “people that likes something” is traslated the same way, as fan

    the correct translation would be:
    Eu fico feliz que Wally (Waldo) tenha tantos fans assim no Brasil.

  49. Everton

    “Que legal que o Wally têm muitos fãs Brasil!” looks better.

    Congratulations from Brasil!

  50. Hey your last phrase, in portuguese, is wrong, the corret would be:

    Fico feliz que o Waldo tenha muitos fãs no Brasil.

    Congratulations for your work, anyway.

  51. Daniel dos Santos

    Ok Ok.Very good this project.Congratulations.Very good.I like.

  52. Hi, congratulations for your project! Various brazilian blogs are speaking about this!

    …Google translator: In the sentence in portuguese, replace the “ventiladores” for “fãs”.

    Brazil is a hot country, but your fans cannot make winds! 🙂

  53. Meghan Dimma

    Hey Melanie.
    Congradulations on all your success with Waldo…. what a great idea! Will look for you on the news:)

  54. Vinicius Reck

    Wally !!!!! \o/

  55. Lucas

    The sucess in Brazil is becoming a fact!
    I saw this week on many journals, from the best ones to those they give us for free on the Subway!..


  56. Really? Would someone be able to mail me the articles???? I would love that!

  57. Leo

    One more time: congratulations from Brazil!

  58. Hi, Mel!
    Another brazilian guy…
    Another article…
    Amazing idea! In some years the roof tops will be used as outdoors for publicity.

  59. Hello Mellanie
    I’m from brazil too.

    Your idea is awesome!!! Great!!!

    I’ll link your blog in my blog links

    Hope your project grow up!


  60. Where is Wally!?
    Hello Mellanie!
    I from Brazil too, and this idea for Wally in Google Earth is really great!!
    And Waldo is really famous here in Brazil…I, for example, try in my infancy find Waldo for many times, now in my mature I have the chance for try again, but now is more funny and modern!!
    Congratulations and thanks for all!

  61. Ike

    Wally forewer! Wally for president!
    I post here just for “fã” (lat. fanaticus).

  62. Ike

    Wally forewer? Uh, my mistake. I wanted to say Wally forever! Sorry.

  63. I’m from Brazil, and I just saw it on Globo.com!
    Great Idea!!!

  64. Bruna

    I’m searching for 1 hour! I can’t find him anywhere!
    great idea. I just love it.
    When I was a child, I liked Waldo books very much. It’s so fun trying to find him.
    And sorry for my bad english.

  65. Gustavo


    Sou brasileiro e gostaria apenas de parabenizar pela idéia e dizer que tenho esperança que realmente funcione.

    E você deve estar bem contente com a divulgação do seu trabalho aqui no Brasil certo?

    Apenas para você ter uma noção aqui realmente a Rede GLOBO domina a televisão brasileira. Ela é líder de audiência em todos os programas, tem filiais espalhadas por todo o país.

    Até logo, e aguardamos sua visita por aqui ok?


    Gustavo – Caxias do Sul – Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil

  66. I’m brazillian and there’s 3 things we love:
    Soccer, Waldo and Chaves 🙂

  67. Thiago Firmo

    Great Idea!
    I used to have some waldo books. Now i’ll serach in the google earth.
    And by the way, you’re writing portuguese better than some brazilians… heheh.

  68. Ike

    Come on, what a kind of guy is Waldo in final? Lost and alone in the world, maybe poor or something else, maybe with hungry. I supose he is happy, because smiles. But I really dont know.

  69. Ike

    It’s my joke. I have also traveled throughout the world, without knowing speak the local language. Learning and living. And, of course, I like Waldo.

  70. katia2008

    Hi Nancy, I’m also a big fan of Wally and I was very surprized that some one returned him from the “forgothen land”. I’ve always thought of Wallys books as something extremly fun and creative, and I think your project has as high potential as the books! Congratulations, really 😀

    And pleeeeease, make a noisy launch campaign when Googles cameras catch the first Wallys so we can play here in Brazil!!!


  71. Gabi

    Yeahhh, I LOVED your idea!!

    It’s really funny to look for Waldo (Wally) on Google Earth!

    We in Brasil love it to!!

    Congratulations for your project!!


    AMAMOS O WALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Marivone Vieira

    Congratulations! Great Idea! Thanks for bringing back the sight of my childhood! kakakakak I’m from Brasil e Wally always was very special!!!



  73. Mauren Amaral

    Very Cool!
    Great Idea!

    Tri Legal!!!!

  74. of course! I’m brazilian, and me and my brothers and sisters enjoy waldo books since we’re small kids. Here’s he’s called Wally (i don’t know why). “Onde está Wally?” is the name of the books.

    And I really liked your giant Waldo! Gongratulations! I’m very happy to see Martin Handford gave you a drawing!!!!!

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