Waldo gets famous!

Wow, today has been an exciting day for my Waldo project! I was just on the rooftop doing a shoot for CBC TV. The segment will be on air tonight at 6, and possibly tommorow at noon! I will also post a digital verison here  if it becomes available.

Also lots of blogs have written about him today! Now PublicVancouver Met BlogsGus DigitalKitsilano.ca, Beyond Robson and my sister Carolyn Coles have all posted blog articles about Waldo today. I am glad that people seem to be excited about it!



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26 responses to “Waldo gets famous!

  1. Neat idea! Are you encouraging people to make guesses? If so, where should they do that (and I’ve been asked already if there’s a prize hehe)

  2. Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the post! I dont want people to post guesses on here as then its like circling waldo in the book! Haha, and then it makes it no fun! There is no prize, much like in the books. The excitment of finding Waldo is the point. However is someone were to sponser the project with for prizes that would be fun!

  3. Great segment Mel! I’m glad they DIDN’T show any skylines! Waldo looked wet. How is he standing up to the weather?

  4. Hes standing up well! Hes a little puddly but that wont show up on google

  5. Jamie

    Found it! (Okay, just the building. Google Earth isn’t up to date yet.)

    And here I was hoping the prize would be a date with Melanie.

  6. JD

    Fun idea.
    Good on you.

  7. Francis

    It took me 20 seconds – and I live in Oxford, England.

  8. Lucy

    Hey! Just writting dropping a line to tell you your Waldo got famous here in Brazil!


  9. Lucy

    Almost forgot, this is the Brazilian link to the news about u!


  10. silveira

    you are famous in brazil too . http://Www.globo.com

  11. a very famous brazilian news website also published about it! that’s how I found it out (well, I didn’t really find Waldo out yet hahaha)

    here it is: http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Tecnologia/0,,MUL392903-6174,00.html

  12. Hey, you’re famous in Brazil!

    This is a link from one of the most visited news’ site from Brazil:


    Hope you enjoy it!

  13. Gus

    People from Brazil is very interested in this project since it was anounced in one of the most famous TV Channel here.

  14. Camila Vilemberg

    Hey Melanie, i´m a brasilian and here the journal tolks about you and your “Wally”!

    I LOVED!!!! Congratulations for this idea!

    the most important journal. look here:


  15. Your Waldo is on a huge site on BRAZIL too!!


  16. matbh

    amazing! there r crazy people in all world! ur r famous in brasil too! check the news at: http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Tecnologia/0,,MUL392903-6174,00-ARTISTA+RECRIA+JOGO+ONDE+ESTA+O+WALLY+NO+GOOGLE+EARTH.html

    nice job!!

  17. Huge Ideia. so nice.

    If you want i can help u in brasil!

  18. Raphaela

    I’m from Brazil and they’re talking about your blog in one of the most famous websites in here too.
    Fantastic idea. =]

    Want to see it???

    Good luck on your project.

  19. Congratulations!! Waldo project reached Brazil! I just read it on http://www.globo.com, one of the biggest brazilian websites and television channel. I’m going to share this with my friends and as soon as google put new pictures on the web, we will look for it!! Very good idea!

  20. Ana

    I love Waldo! And your project is so cool! Your Waldo is getting famous here in Brazil too! Look here http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Tecnologia/0,,MUL392903-6174,00-ARTISTA+RECRIA+JOGO+ONDE+ESTA+O+WALLY+NO+GOOGLE+EARTH.html
    (I hope the link works! XD)

    And, please write a post when Google Earth update the images, ok?

  21. cole


    he is really famous

  22. harry d.

    Am I wrong or is waldos dick swingin’ out of his pants?

  23. Lívia

    Melanie, your idea was just amazing!

    As you saw, your Waldo is famous in Brazil… Here he is called Wally! I just love him since I was a kid! I have a lot of his books and, until now, I take a lot in it…

    Your idea made feel good, putting me back in my childhood, at the same time that made me seen how creative people can do good and diferent things when they do what they like considering what is new!! Congratulations!

    I hope your project became a huge new game!!! I’m not used to use internet for this kind of thing, but for sure I would used to try to find Waldo!!!

    Well, you have a fan in Brazil! Thanks for bring Waldo into my life again!!!!!!!!!

  24. harry, its the pocket on his jeans! its in the original waldo drawing too.

  25. Sandy

    Today in a Spanish newspaper talk about your Waldo, and you too. I put the link: http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/367559/0/wally/google/earth/


  26. Hey Guys-

    I think your page is really great! I would never guess that someone would put a giant waldo on a random roof!

    I was wondering if you gys have been to the blurb. we are doing a project to sava at least two california condors. heres our website…..



    Dancer 96

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