An Article About My Waldo

Nancy Strider who has been working closely with me on this project has written an article about the project on her blog Came of Age Before Computers. Its a great article and post links to simular projects and earth works. She posted a image of a giant homer simpson earth work!nancyad.jpg



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2 responses to “An Article About My Waldo

  1. Hey there,
    Just wanted to say brilliant idea. Athough I was able to find where he is hiding (despite him not showing up yet on google maps yet) I know it will keep people guessing for a while. I’ll keep my lips sealed about his location as I think this will really catch on. Once more, great job, and I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Duarte, Paulo

    Hi, Melanie! Congratulations
    Waldo is famous yet in Brazil! The biggest TV net on Brazil, based on São Paulo stamp a photo from your blog with a title:
    “Artist rebuild ‘Where’s Wally’ game on Google Earth”
    See the complete text (of course, in portuguese) on link:,,MUL392903-6174,00-ARTISTA+RECRIA+JOGO+ONDE+ESTA+O+WALLY+NO+GOOGLE+EARTH.html

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