Aerial Shot of Waldo

This is a helicopter shot (taken last week) of Waldo as he will appear on Google Earth. Click the image to see it in detail. Special thanks to Rock for the aerial photograph.



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18 responses to “Aerial Shot of Waldo

  1. Rebecca Lee

    Melanie he looks great!!!!

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  3. Peter

    Great idea! Too bad the photo makes it a bit too easy to find… you need to wipe out a certain company logo (left side) ;).

  4. LMC

    I like the idea, but he wasn’t that hard to find… It’s actually the building across the street with the glass & ramps that tipped me off…

  5. Hi Peter, thanks for the tip. I dint realize how clearly you could read it until I zoomed right in. Will wipe it out asap.

  6. barbara

    aeee meu povo eu adorei pena q eu não achei ainda.

  7. eu adorei a iniciativa

  8. Found it!

    It’s quite easy when it’s almost right where you’d expect it to be. Like LMC said, the glass&ramps building is quite a giveaway, but actually it was the double lane street which helped me to narrow it down at a larger scale. Of course having a good guess about the country and city helped a lot, even without having ever been there.

    It was fun, though 😉

  9. bob

    i love zulu records

  10. Randolph

    Found it.
    My foreman lives in the only house on the block.
    As mentioned previously,the building across the street was the giveaway.

  11. Alex

    Love it! I was just at there on Saturday and never knew that Waldo was on the roof!

  12. lee

    Ya, both shots on the sight here give away more than you might have thought! The helicopter shot should just be croped to remove above mentioned obvious building, and the shot of you crouching down on the roof gives away the area of Vancouver in relation to the north shore mountians. When will google be updating the shots of that area? have you contacted them?

  13. Angela

    Love it…I’m a map geek, and thoroughly enjoyed searching for Waldo. I work at a courier company (in the office), and a couple of us figured it out pretty much right away.

    Very cool!

  14. George

    Even without an updated Google Earth image it’s not hard to find. I found the rooftop in less than 5 min. I live in Georgia, USA. I’ve never been to Vancouver.

  15. jennifer

    original and creative.


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  17. Hi,

    I’m french and I live in France. I like the idea and I wrote a post on my blog about your Waldo on Google Earth. You can see my blog to this adress :


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