Introduction To The project

For my graduating project at the Emily Carr Institute of Art Design and Media, I am creating a Google Earth Wheres Waldo inspired game. Players will be given the hint that Waldo is hiding somewhere in Vancouver and he can only be seen via Google Earth. In order to do this, a giant Waldo painting is being constructed and placed on a rooftop! The project will be exhibited at the Emily Carr Graduation Exhibit 08 opening May 3, 2008.



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6 responses to “Introduction To The project

  1. If we know where it is, who and where do we tell?

  2. Hi Jeff! Thanks for the question! In the sprit of the Wheres Waldo game I dont want to have the answer posted on here. That way others have to search for it too! But if you want to blog about it or post the answer elsewhere, fair game!

  3. irineu Hennemanna Junior

    Não Sei falar inglês, mas vai ai o meu depoimento.

    Show de bola essa idéia. Muitíssimo legal.


    Irineu Hennemann
    +55 (11) 9693-6928

  4. Hector Colina

    Good project, I’ll try to find it.

    Regards from Venezuela.

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