Construction Day 1

Many Thanks to my crew who came to my studio to help me paint, last Sunday March 2. Contributing Artists Included:Ryan Dyck, Nancy Strider, Jay Martiniuk, Andrew Frose, Sandy Yee, Jordie Yow, Lisa Elgert, Keith Catton, Nicole Obidowski, Alison Benjamin, Amanda Thomson and Becky Ferguson.Ryan Drawing Out The Grid Jay Drawing From An Image Grid The Crew Painting Away Painting His Hand / Cane The Grid  End of Day 1Photography by Nancy Strider and Nicole Obidowski 



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2 responses to “Construction Day 1

  1. Great idea…I’ve been looking for Waldo for some time but I’ve realized that Google Earth has just gone back to a three year old photoset for the whole area. My best guess is 49 16 04.48 X -123 08 58.65
    Best of luck

  2. Blackie

    Not on Google Earth?? Found the building but no Waldo. 49 16 04.34N / 123 08 58.67W When is Google Earth going to catch up???

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