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Waldo is Up!

 As of Friday, Waldo is up on a rooftop somewhere in Vancouver! He is patiently awaiting a Google fly by.  I have a lot more photos to post here, but until then, here is a sneak peak of us constructing Waldo on the roof.


Me (Melanie) laying out the sheets of painted vinyl.

Ryan cutting Waldos outline.
Nancy and I taking a break before grommeting him together (Notice the Waldo grid we were using as a map, at the bottom of this image)
Photos by Emiliano Sepulveda 


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Construction Day 2 – Final Painting Day!

I cant believe it but all the painting is done! All that needs to be done now is making  the sand bags and installing him on the roof! I am hoping he will go up on the 21st of this month. Also, Nancy has been documenting the production for a you tube short about my project!everyonelaugh.jpg  mesmile.jpg

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Construction Day 1

Many Thanks to my crew who came to my studio to help me paint, last Sunday March 2. Contributing Artists Included:Ryan Dyck, Nancy Strider, Jay Martiniuk, Andrew Frose, Sandy Yee, Jordie Yow, Lisa Elgert, Keith Catton, Nicole Obidowski, Alison Benjamin, Amanda Thomson and Becky Ferguson.Ryan Drawing Out The Grid Jay Drawing From An Image Grid The Crew Painting Away Painting His Hand / Cane The Grid  End of Day 1Photography by Nancy Strider and Nicole Obidowski 


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Introduction To The project

For my graduating project at the Emily Carr Institute of Art Design and Media, I am creating a Google Earth Wheres Waldo inspired game. Players will be given the hint that Waldo is hiding somewhere in Vancouver and he can only be seen via Google Earth. In order to do this, a giant Waldo painting is being constructed and placed on a rooftop! The project will be exhibited at the Emily Carr Graduation Exhibit 08 opening May 3, 2008.


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